Our goal is to open a nonprofit art co-op that includes a restaurant, movie theater, venue/performance space and gallery. Anyone will be able to present their work in this space on a first come, first served basis. At the end of each month, we will hold a ‘best of’ event to give merit to those deserving. We want to make an accessible space where everyone has the opportunity to share feedback with friends and others in the community. We feel that a constant dialogue about work between creative people not only perpetuates community, but helps artists in expressing themselves effectively. This sort of environment ought to be available to everyone.

In addition to displaying new work by local artists, we will also exhibit the work of established filmmakers, fine artist, and musicians. We will frequently invite artists to give guest lectures, so that people will have the opportunity to learn about the different experiences and processes artists have gone through to become successful or self sustaining. We will provide art and music classes taught by locals in the community and keep costs down as low as possible – we only want enough to cover the most necessary expenses. Ideally, we would like to provide rentable studio space and a communal kitchen where we can have free meal events every month. Many places have stopped providing battery and chemical disposal, so we will supply proper receptacles where patrons may dispose of their paints, oils, tech equipment, and other toxins. This is about providing an opportunity for anyone to learn, create, and think critically about art, while being conscious of their impact on the world.

All proceeds would go to public school art programs and to the Lower East Side Ecology Center.


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